About Us



It all began with a book, as most stories do; however this book, The Plenitude, though it started out harmlessly enough, brought forth a conundrum, a paradox of sorts, and a near­-existential crisis during an early morning Design Literacy class. The “plenitude” is what Rich Gold uses in his book, to refer to the ginormous eco­system of human­made stuff, that inhabits this planet with us. This eco­system that grows ten­fold every time a need or want or desire is felt by any single person. Every object is a compound of other objects, each of which, requires several other complementary objects to function just quite right.

Sitting in a design class, and having it dawn on you, that everything you create adds to this “plenitude” is terrifying, especially at 8am. But, the alternative is worse: stagnating.

Anna Sun is my attempted compromise; an attempt to pontificate and create responsibly, produce sustainably; and through collaborations, encourage a change in the way we consume.


Anna Sun is the overly­-indulged brainchild of a (well­-meaning) cynical optimist; we are a virtual concept store that focuses on creating and curating, producing and consuming responsibly.


Every few months, we have a new story we want to tell you, stories that we hope, you will want to make a tiny place for, in your world.

Here at Anna Sun, we translate these stories behind each collection, into clothing, accessories and knick-knacks, made from all natural raw materials, using natural dyes and dyeing techniques, and utilising elements of traditional Indian handcraftsmanship.