Naïve is an homage to coming out-it seeks to encapsulate the swansong of a child. An eulogy to those moments that hold those last vestiges of childhood, where the world and its possibilities seem infinite. This collection endeavours to capture the charm of that naïveté amidst sudden, and often awkward growth spurts and changes. The clothes from this collection consist of a series of garments that nuance that transition from child to adult – pants that hang a little low on the hips and touch only just above the ankle; shirts that drift a little higher in the front, playing with sheerness and opacity, in a mix of pastels and vibrant hues.

Arture X Anna Sun

The inside of a sketchbook is almost always a thing of beauty, the outside however, almost never is.
We offer you an alternative to the digitally-printed stock photos and flat-colours that usually passes for the outside of a sketchbook. Each cover is individually hand-printed, one colour at a time, on to durable cork paper and the sketchbooks are hand-bound usingTechniques of Japanese Stab Binding. These artisanal sketchbooks were created by a collaborative effort by Arture and Anna Sun in a bid promote sustainability in design, through hancraftsmanship.

Tejilicious x Anna Sun

The amount of perfectly usable scrap fabric that is discarded by a garment factory  on a daily basis is astounding. In effort to upcycle,we have designed these quilts in collaboration with Tejilicious. We use cut-bits and end-bits from a garment factory to create patchwork-mosaics, using  small geometric shapes to form large-very symmetric- patterns. These quilts are made out of 100% cotton, which has been Kalamkari printed with all natural dyes.